Therapeutic Visitation and Parenting Time Supervision

Therapeutic visitation is a service developed which utilizes a mental health therapist to provide supervised between a client, typically a parent, with the child(ren).  Goals and Objectives of Therapeutic Visitation/Parenting Time Supervision typically comes from the Court System, either Family Court or Juvenile Court. Primary objectives involve full observation, having the child(ren) and parent within eyesight and hearing at all time to ensure that all parties remain safe and that any other objectives can be monitored and documented.  During each visit the therapist or supervisor will document observations, only intervening if safety issue arises or to address anything specific outlined by legal parties. Documentation is then provided to whomever is identified and approved to receive, typically parents or attorneys, or both. 

Hill Counseling hosts all Therapeutic Visitation/Parenting Time Supervision on site.  Parents are expected to have their own transportation and the children need transported by either the custodial parent or someone identified by the custodial parent or whomever the court specifies, depending on the circumstances. Hill Counseling has a kitchen area, visitation room with couches and smart TV, as well as a children’s playroom on site.  There is also a large open area to play outside if appropriate.

Prior to starting this service, each person involved is required to sign an individualized set of guidelines with general expectations as well as expectations specific for the circumstances.  Therapeutic Visitation and Parenting Time Supervision are reimbursed through individual court ordered, agencies or attorneys and is paid on arrival of each session. 


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